Leisure Park Dock 79

Dock 79 – a leisure park near Mons – has grown rapidly over the last years, particularly since the construction of a new building.

The project we delivered in this context has required the development of a wide range of technical solutions, providing a good occasion for us to showcase the services and skills we can offer to our customers.

When we first met with the site’s managers, it was clear that the constantly improving quality of the services they offered required a new visual identity for the site, while the extent of the infrastructure required improved signage to better orientate customers.

It was in this context that the Dock 79 called on the expertise of Inkutlab for the design, production and installation of a complete interior and exterior signage solution.

After a day spent on site, we built a moodboard. Such a collection of images and references facilitated discussions on the choice of a general style, materials and types of signage elements to be favoured.

This was followed by extensive graphic design work to identify the most appropriate colours and typography.

Once the result was satisfactory, we were able to design each element and make visual mock-ups to ensure the coherence of the whole.

Finally, we held several workshops with the park managers around a map of the site, to study the main traffic flows and thus choose the quantities to be produced for each element and their precise location.

Finally, each element was produced in the workshop and installed on site.